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Patty, Founder

Patty is an award winning artist and teacher.  Her work has repeatedly taken honors in local and State ceramic competitions, including the Peggy Award; The highest honor in professional ceramics. Many of her students have also received honors, include numerous "Freddie" awards. (Freddie is the highest honor in hobby ceramics)

Patty's love of ceramics started in early childhood where she was taught and nurtured by her mother Jessie James (Yes that's her real name.)


Joe, Founder

Joe, Pattys husband, was born and raised in Provo. He is an all around handyman, and there seems to be no issue Joe can't fix, or problem he can't solve. He is known around the shop as "The Energizer Bunny" because you'll always find him working on something with a smile on his face. 

Joe loves meeting new people, and making new friends. You'll be sure to feel right at home when you're dealing with Joe. 


Sammy, Doorbell

This is Sammie. She has been in the shop since she was six week old. While she doesn't help much with the pouring of molds or general operations on the business, she is one of the finest doorbells in Utah. Sammie is usually the first to greet any customer. And don't worry, her bark is much bigger than her bite. 

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