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Just a few of our thousands of available molds...

Watch to see how each ceramic piece is made!


We sell:

  • Ceramics

  • Bisque

  • Greenware

  • Duncan and Doc Holliday paints

  • Duncan brushes

  • Music boxes

  • Lights

  • And many other ceramics accessories.

We have a large selection of bisque on hand, including; religious, wildlife, fantasy, vases, functional and seasonal - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas villages, etc.  All items are available all year long.

With over 20,000 molds, and new ones coming in all the time, we can accommodate just about every pallet.

We also stock pottery supplies including high and low fire clays, low and high fire glazes, Kemper tools, sponges and pottery plaster.

We also distribute kilns, molds and other industrial supplies. (Check out Industrial Supplies, below)

We also carry many of the LDS temples, including: Salt Lake, Provo, Manti, San Diego, Timpanogos, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, Idaho Falls and others.

Patty's Ceramics is the proud distributor of the following products:

Not. seeing what you're looking for? Let us know, and we will do everything we can to get you taken care of. 


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